About Us


 Promoting exemplary education in Central America.


AASCA provides opportunities for member schools to collaborate for the enhancement of learning, social responsibility, international mindedness and professional growth.



AASCA is committed to:

  1. Providing instruction primarily in English that empowers learners to reach their potential.
  2. Building community through a variety of activities and experiences.
  3. Education that promotes internationalism and interculturalism.
  4. Democratic values such as rule of law, respect, pluralism and the common good.
  5. Community Service and Service Learning.
  6. The physical and emotional well-being of students.
  7. Fostering environmentally friendly behaviors.
  8. Formal external accreditation as a standard for educational excellence.



  1. Support and facilitate academic, artistic, athletic and cultural interaction among its member schools.
  2. Facilitate professional development opportunities and the use of resources that enhance the teaching-learning experience.
  3. Promote community service and service-learning opportunities within its member schools.
  4. Promote, through its various student activities, cultural awareness and appreciation for cultural differences.
  5. Strengthen AASCA’s organizational identity and sustainability through reflection and collaborative exchange of ideas to ensure continuous improvement of the association’s effectiveness.
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